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information relevant to this case are not being posted by the connecticut state police, newtown police, or any authorities in this case. any of that information, people putting that information out there in any manner, it can be construed as a violation of state or federal law and they will be prosecuted. >> let's not forget that in all of this, the victims and the survivors -- particularly the survivors at this time, will have a terrible story to tell for the rest of their lives. >> the survivors of friday's shooting -- a day that we will never forget. within a few terrifying minutes she went from teaching her students to desperately protecting them. >> we gathered under the tables and just listened to nonstop gunfire happening right outside the door, knowing that the gunfire was showering the hallways and classrooms and it was nonstop. >> 9-year-old twins, ben and ethan, remember being led out of the school. >> when the police man came, he told us to shut our eyes and do this, like on the picture on the news. and run. and just go out. >> once the scene was secure, staff and students have bee
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1